Time is constantly flowing, every second is the past, the present, and the future.


TSUNG YU CHAN Spring/Summer 21 collection is based on the theme of time, which was inspired by the artist YANG Chung-Ming's work - " Timeless " series. When Mr. YANG uses the engraving, printmaking, and installation art to explore the other side of time, encouraged by him, we as well try to discover the method of leaving traces of time on fabrics and clothing.


Starting from the development of fabrics, whether it’s the visual time difference between single-color jacquard weave and light reflection, or the utilizations of changes in between thermochromic fabrics combining the time-reversing photographs to record the flow of time. Of course, simply using the numbers on the clock to express the dimension of time is one of the ways as well.


At the same time, bringing in the elements from the movie of the classic 80s "Back to the Future" to the design of the series and development of patterns and prints.

From the product designing to the collocation styling, to the logo of the time machine and printing pattern of lightning totem, through the connections of the dots, I hope to present the past, present, and future in a more specific way.


When the water splashes over the water-repellent fabric, 

we can no longer find a single trace on it.

As it has never happened. Yet, is it real? 

Thus we’ve decided to leave it on until the next second in the future.


Ultimately, time will be transformed into the essence of clothing making.

Each finished product records the process-making from yarn to fabric to clothing. Combining yarn printing and the use of topstitching in contrast colors, with the special sewing method, we leave traces of the past. As the end products, they will create their present and their future with the people who own them.